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Product Name:EL Mouse pad - Multiple Use

*Fully Illuminated Plain EL Pad is available now:
A- 15 x 10 cm
B- 20 x 15 cm

* Each set comes with (1) plain EL Pad, (2) controller to switch for On-Off-Flash function and also the flashing speed is adjustable (3) two power devices, and (4) two "L" brackets to hold the Pad then becoming a Lighted Sign; We offer Free 4-color screen-printing on pad on 2000 pcs with a setup fee of US$500 per graphic.

* EL pad could be designed to any size, shape, printing pattern or blinking sequence of your choice.

*Partly illuminated pad is also available upon request, which is covered by patent protection too.

Two power devices included and could be use with:
a) 110V or 220V - 12V Adaptor at Computer, House or Office areas.
b) Cigarette Lighter at vehicle.
c) Computer plug (not included) installed in computer case only.
*** You can order only one or two of three power devices into your own packaging.

* Create your own character or use existing character - Simply use your Jet Printer to print on transparancy or have graphicist printed and lazer-cut the character then stick the graphic on Pad.
* Create your company logo in volume - Contact with our websites for printing.
* Ideal for personal and company promotion; Talk to us now!
* Patents pending

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